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Dabur Herb'l Care: Natural Toothpaste with 0% Added Chemicals Challenges Default Choices

Updated: Apr 3

Endcap executed

In today's fast-paced world, shoppers often make quick decisions while shopping, especially for everyday products like toothpaste. Recognizing this challenge, Dabur India's oral care team embarked on a mission to create a campaign that not only grabs shoppers' attention but also prompts them to question their default toothpaste choices. Their goal was clear: highlight the natural essence of their Herb'l Care range and emphasize the fact that it contains 0% added chemicals compared to other options laden with chemicals. Join us on a journey through the creative process that brought this campaign to life.

Concept Development

The journey began with a compelling brief from Dabur India's oral care team. They aimed to disrupt the toothpaste aisle, creating dissonance in shoppers' minds about their default choices. The core message was simple: Herb'l Care is natural, free from added chemicals, and a healthier alternative.

Distil Design, the creative agency behind the project, started by developing concepts to bring this proposition to life. These concepts included powerful claims and reasons to believe (RTBs) that would resonate with consumers seeking a more natural toothpaste option.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Fine-Tuning the Vision

From the pool of concepts, the client shortlisted a route. This marked the beginning of fine-tuning and developing the chosen visuals and messaging. The objective was clear: craft a compelling narrative that would encourage shoppers to question their default choices and draw attention to the 0% added chemicals proposition.

Clarity and Singularity

Throughout the creative process, feedback played a pivotal role. It was essential to ensure that the campaign conveyed a singular, clear message. This message needed to resonate with shoppers and invite them to reconsider their toothpaste preferences. The core message—that Herb'l Care is the natural choice with 0% added chemicals—remained the focal point throughout.

Design 1
Design 2
Design 3

A Wake-Up Call to Better Choices

One profound insight that shaped this campaign was the realization that the first thing people typically do upon waking up is to brush their teeth. This routine, ingrained in our daily lives, presents a unique opportunity for making a statement about healthier choices. It influenced the creation of the campaign's compelling copy: "What do you wake up to?" This question not only challenges consumers' default choices but also serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of selecting a toothpaste that aligns with their health-conscious morning rituals.

Endcap header copy & creative

Finalizing Communication

With feedback in mind, the communication strategy was finalized. This encompassed not only the messaging but also the design of retail assets that would reinforce the message across multiple touch points.

Parasite 1
Parasite 2

Fabrication and Execution

The final stage of this creative journey involved bringing the campaign to life. The meticulously designed retail assets were fabricated and executed with precision. Every detail was considered, keeping in mind both the impact the assets would have on shoppers and the importance of managing costs and scalability.

Endcap Executed 1
Endcap Executed 2

Making an Impact

Dabur India's Herb'l Care campaign stands as a testament to the power of creative thinking and effective communication. By highlighting the natural attributes of their toothpaste range and emphasizing the 0% added chemicals proposition, they aim to challenge the status quo in the oral care market. Shoppers are now prompted to reconsider their default toothpaste choices and opt for a more natural, chemical-free alternative.


In the competitive world of consumer goods, it takes innovative thinking and impactful communication to stand out. Dabur India's Herb'l Care range has not only disrupted the market but has also set a new standard for natural oral care. Through a well-executed campaign that creates dissonance in shoppers' minds, they have successfully paved the way for a healthier, more natural toothpaste choice, ultimately benefiting the well-being of shoppers & consumers everywhere. Make the switch to Herb'l Care today and experience the natural difference.


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